• 24Oct

    You know a good car chase scene when you see one. The equation is simple. You need cool cars, fast machines, and at times, fast enough police cars. Once you have the automotive masterpieces, you need to set the scenery to set the mood.

    You also need a good sound track to make things more exciting. Of course, you need to hear the roar of the powerful engines as the cars try to corner each other. By the way, do not forget the camera angles. Switch angles every so often. It will not hurt if you have a helicopter hovering and trying to keep the good cops on the tail of the fast cars.

    The chase will be more adrenaline pumping when you have the unimaginable stunts, explosions, and crashes. The kind that will make the audience wish that you should have just donated the car t them instead of trashing them. Don’t forget the fruit stand and that obligatory splash.

    You actually do not need drivers, just to state a fact. We will prove that to you in the video below. Take note that no one was harmed during the shooting of this film.