• 27Oct
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    nissan-gtr-policecarThe news items still cannot determine who will be issued the 2012 Nissan GTR. This car was setup by EVI Corporation who installs sirens and lights to a unmarked and unmarked cop cars. Click on the video below and you will agree that indeed it has been one of the projects of EVI:

    No, they did not confiscate the Nissan GT-R from a drug dealer or a gangster. The only thing they will say is that the car was brought to them with only 13 miles on its dial. The strobe lights are made of really sleek LEDs.

    We think we still have to dig up more if we really want to find out which law enforcement agency will be getting this mean police car.

    The agency though is not the fist one to use a Nissan GT-R for police work. The cops in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates tapped the brute force of the GT-R back in 2009 as one of their interceptor vehicles. The first responders during fires in the Nurburgring.

    Who knows where this Nissan GT-R will be going. If you are in Washington DC or Virginia, you might want to think twice, thrice before stepping on the pedal, or better yet do not speed up.