• 10Jan

    While some police departments are opting for Chevrolet Tahoes, Dodge Chargers, or even Lamborghinis, Crown Victorias some go for the greener alternative of using electronic vehicles. Like the public the police departments are feeling the unstable costs of fuel and the bad economy on their budgets.

    The traditional police cars are without any doubt ready for the call of duty. It will bring a team of cops to respond to an assistance call, bring criminals to jail, or go after suspicious vehicles on a high speed chase. One down side of these is high fuel consumption. Getting rid of a Ford Crown Victoria may save a police department a clean $5000 on fuel per year.

    electric police car

    Not all police missions and actions require high power and high speed vehicles. A police department in Pennsylvania converted an Impala to an electric car. Other options like Segway Personal Transporter, electric motor bikes, T3 Mobility cars, and Blue RIDEs will properly equip cops for an effective police presence in a community.

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