• 07Mar
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    range-rover-evoqueIt is not always a great idea to try and stop a Range Rover rushing at around 150 miles an hour. The incident ended in a very tragic way for French Police officers when two of them died while another seriously injured as they tried to stop a Range Rover Evoque recently during a high speed chase.

    According to reports, the cops were trying to flag the driver of the Range Rover for several traffic violations while aboard their Ford Mondeo. The authorities tried to block the violator who never had any intention to stop.

    The driver of the Range Rover was a 22 year old man who has quite a list of criminal records from drug trafficking and small thefts. The said driver has also been arrested five times before due to driving infractions.

    Reports suggest that the driver was under the influence during the chase and initial tests revealed very high level of alcohol in his blood.

    The perpetrator was also driving without license.