• 14Dec
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    If you are from the U.S., you might have feared seeing a Crown Victoria with blinkers on your rear view mirror. It has been the car of police departments for decades and finally, the Crown Vic will be retiring after 15 years in service. This year, Ford released a police cruiser to take over the job, the 2012 Police Interceptor.

    The new cop car is based on the Taurus and depends on a V-6 heart. Ford offers several iterations of the V-6 in the form of 3.5L naturally aspirated, and the turbocharged 3.5L Ecoboost version. Both versions of the engine can boost the high speed chase capabilities of any police department. The less potent version outputs 265 horses while the boosted powerplant ups the ante to 365 horses.

    2012-ford-police-interceptorThe naturally aspirated engine will be offered with choices for an all-wheel or a front-wheel configuration. The EcoBoost engine will only come in AWD. The all-wheel drive system will be configured to offer better dynamics and handling.

    According to Ford, the interior of the new police car will be 90% new. The cop car version will have a column shifter for its 6-speed automatic setup. The front seats will also not have the lower bolstering so there is enough space for the utility belts of the police officers

    The center console measures the same width as the Crown Vic but is set up to easily carry the computer equipment needed by the officers. The rear of the front seats is equipped with a metal plate to protect the occupants from possible attacks from criminals they have apprehended. The rear doors also open wider compared to non-police commissioned versions in order to allow easy entrance of perpetuators.

    Just like other cop cars, the brakes, tires, and shocks of the Interceptor have been upgraded to fit the job. The electrical elements have also been improved so the system can handle all of the equipment that will go onboard.