• 22Aug

    When things get rough and the police needs to rough up or catch up with the bad guys, their police cars are among their best option. Or these best police cars can also make the bad guys think twice if they will do something or not.

    German armor tank

    You wouldn’t want to mess with this kind of police car, would you? Used by the Berlin police, this German armor tank is rolled out during riots and dangerous armed situations. Even the most hardcore weapons can’t penetrate this battering ram.

    BMW 530d

    For the occasional wild goose chase in London, they use the BMW 530d which is fairly your everyday kind of car. However, it is capable of going providing a quick response to the gun crimes in the city.

    Ford Ranger

    No sleet, rain, or snow can stop this 4×4 reliable car in providing quick help to stranded motorists.

    Land Rover Freelander

    This car is reliable on instances where flood is concerned. Provides quick response to stranded motorists in flood incidents.

    Lotus Evora

    Here’s a police car you don’t get to see every day and probably something that police men all over the world would want to drive. The 160mph Lotus Evora, which costs £50,000, is on a loan agreement with West Midland’s police force to help them catch those speedy motorists.

    South Korean armored car

    This country’s SWAT team is damn serious with safety precautions for its top personnel.

    Volvo V70

    While it’s neither the fastest nor the trendiest in the range of police cars around the world, this model still is an improvement to those beat up cars several police forces use.

    Volvo 121 Amazon

    An iconic police car from the past. We did not include this in the count for the obvious reason that its not active anymore. Famous for its reliability and quality, the Volvo 121 Amazon has always been a widespread police car model since the beginning of time.

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