• 28Jul
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    Electric cars (or EVs for short) have become rampant in the automobile world. Not only do they reduce the world’s fuel consumption, they’re all for the environment too. But we wonder, what if all police squad cars go electric. Can they wind stand the occasional wild goose chase? What if they run out of electric power juice? What now? Well, the occasional stopping for donuts and wild good chase in the big cities now sound like a bad idea but still, these electric vehicles would still look pretty good and downright practical in the suburbs.

    Anyway, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced to the press the latest additions to the New York City fleet of cars. As of yesterday, the Big Apple has an additional 10 units of pure electric utility trucks for Navistar “E-star” for all those hauling jobs, 10 units of pure electric cargo vans for the Ford Transit Connect, which is a relatively good compact van, and last but definitely not the least, about 50 units of Chevrolet Volt hatchbacks , some of which are intended to be used as police squad cars.

    The General Motors Inc.’s Chevrolet Volt first went on sale last December 2010 as a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. It has received the title of being the most fuel-efficient compact car in the United States. When running on its lithium-ion battery alone, the Volt covers 25-50 miles.

    These additional all-electric will join the existing 360 EVs already in the city as part of Bloomberg’s PlaNYC to help reduce the city’s CO2 emissions.