• 22Jun
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    The town of Herndon in Virginia gets from Volkswagen America two Passats to beef up the tools of the local authorities. The vehicles were turned over to the mayor of Herndon during a special ceremony held at the Depot Main Stage.

    It has been a tradition for carmakers to give to the local police vehicles which they can use where they have factories, and Volkswagen is one of those car manufacturers which follow this practice. Volkswagen moved from Michigan to Virginia and the police benefited with a Passat wagon and a modified sedan.

    The 2.0L TSI inline four was tweaked so it can live up to its role. Its output was raised from 200 horsepower to 250 hp and its torque from 207 pound-feet to 299 lb-ft.

    The police cars also get a the bigger brakes used for the V6 3.6L versions and also 18-inch rims hugged by performance tires from Pirelli.

    FMS Automotive custom made enclosures for the police communication gears so they will look as standard to the Passat. You can not tell that these Passats are vehicles of the local constabulary since they look like another VW Passat on the road unless you have the sirens and lights blaring.

    Volkswagen has not made any statement if it has plans of getting into the police car market but with the US built Passats coming by 2011, it may be safe to say that they will give it a shot.

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