• 31Oct

    If you are planning to start a chase, think twice if you are in the jurisdiction of the Lazio Highway Police of Italy. Why? They have the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 as their ride.

    The LP560-4 outclasses its predecessors. It boasts of a V10 5.12L engine that has an output of 560 PS at 8000 rpm. It is lighter by 20 kilograms compared to the previous releases. It can definitely speed up achieving 0-100 km per hour in a matter of 3.7 seconds and can have a top speed of 325 km/h.

    No surprises but the boys of Sant’Agata received donations of the fast and furious Lamborghinis to beef up their police force. The new cars will replace the first generation Gallardo’s that’s been on the service since 2004. The old cars proved to be very efficient with 87000 miles on its meter without needing any unscheduled maintenance repair.

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  • 14Oct

    Remember when we talked about the test Kuwait did with Audi S6 Police Cars? Well — apparently they didn’t like the German offer as much as they did the American offer by the Dodge people because they’ve just landed 150 Dodge Charger Police Cars in the middle east…

    I have to say looking at these babies sitting in that parking lot — I would have gone for the audi’s ;)…

    Dodge Charger Police Cars Kuwait
    Dodge Charger Police Cars Kuwait

  • 03Oct

    This one is pretty sick. 😀

    We’ve mentioned the Dodge Charger Police Car before and I told you I loved it, but seeing it do sick burnouts in the flesh pretty much makes it EVEN BETTER. 😀

    Excellent video. Thanks Youtuber Automobilemag!