• 07Mar
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    range-rover-evoqueIt is not always a great idea to try and stop a Range Rover rushing at around 150 miles an hour. The incident ended in a very tragic way for French Police officers when two of them died while another seriously injured as they tried to stop a Range Rover Evoque recently during a high speed chase.

    According to reports, the cops were trying to flag the driver of the Range Rover for several traffic violations while aboard their Ford Mondeo. The authorities tried to block the violator who never had any intention to stop.

    The driver of the Range Rover was a 22 year old man who has quite a list of criminal records from drug trafficking and small thefts. The said driver has also been arrested five times before due to driving infractions.

    Reports suggest that the driver was under the influence during the chase and initial tests revealed very high level of alcohol in his blood.

    The perpetrator was also driving without license.

  • 14Dec
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    If you are from the U.S., you might have feared seeing a Crown Victoria with blinkers on your rear view mirror. It has been the car of police departments for decades and finally, the Crown Vic will be retiring after 15 years in service. This year, Ford released a police cruiser to take over the job, the 2012 Police Interceptor.

    The new cop car is based on the Taurus and depends on a V-6 heart. Ford offers several iterations of the V-6 in the form of 3.5L naturally aspirated, and the turbocharged 3.5L Ecoboost version. Both versions of the engine can boost the high speed chase capabilities of any police department. The less potent version outputs 265 horses while the boosted powerplant ups the ante to 365 horses.

    2012-ford-police-interceptorThe naturally aspirated engine will be offered with choices for an all-wheel or a front-wheel configuration. The EcoBoost engine will only come in AWD. The all-wheel drive system will be configured to offer better dynamics and handling.

    According to Ford, the interior of the new police car will be 90% new. The cop car version will have a column shifter for its 6-speed automatic setup. The front seats will also not have the lower bolstering so there is enough space for the utility belts of the police officers

    The center console measures the same width as the Crown Vic but is set up to easily carry the computer equipment needed by the officers. The rear of the front seats is equipped with a metal plate to protect the occupants from possible attacks from criminals they have apprehended. The rear doors also open wider compared to non-police commissioned versions in order to allow easy entrance of perpetuators.

    Just like other cop cars, the brakes, tires, and shocks of the Interceptor have been upgraded to fit the job. The electrical elements have also been improved so the system can handle all of the equipment that will go onboard.

  • 24Oct

    You know a good car chase scene when you see one. The equation is simple. You need cool cars, fast machines, and at times, fast enough police cars. Once you have the automotive masterpieces, you need to set the scenery to set the mood.

    You also need a good sound track to make things more exciting. Of course, you need to hear the roar of the powerful engines as the cars try to corner each other. By the way, do not forget the camera angles. Switch angles every so often. It will not hurt if you have a helicopter hovering and trying to keep the good cops on the tail of the fast cars.

    The chase will be more adrenaline pumping when you have the unimaginable stunts, explosions, and crashes. The kind that will make the audience wish that you should have just donated the car t them instead of trashing them. Don’t forget the fruit stand and that obligatory splash.

    You actually do not need drivers, just to state a fact. We will prove that to you in the video below. Take note that no one was harmed during the shooting of this film.

  • 26Apr
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    We have featured some of the best modern day cop cars in this blog but it is also part of our responsibility as police car fans to look into the past. So we compiled a list of some of the best police cars in the past few decades. They might not be as fast nor as good looking as the ones that we have now but they were the best police cars during their prime. Here are the best police cars of old:

    1992 Ford Mustang

    It is quite simple to document former police cars especially the high profile ones like the Mustangs tagged as Special Service Package. A lot of these cars are well maintained or easily restored just like the ’92 Ford Mustang above. It’s time of chasing the bad guys may have been over but the blue car still looks ready for it.

    The Mustang makes use of a 5.0L V8 engine that gives out 225 horsepower linked to a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

    This exact car was on the auction block and is said to be a former service of the Michigan State Police and described as a special package and high performance car used as pursuit vehicle during its hey days. This particular vehicle though was well handled and was designated for traffic control so it was not not used during wet and winter seasons.

    1984 Ford LTD

    The 1984 Ford LTD we may say shared an awkward year as the Fox and Panther bodied LTD shared the showrooms during the early 80s. What we have here is the Fox LTD with the police trim. This was later joined by the Panther platform in the for of the Ford LTD Crown Victoria. Looking at it, these were the days when the Mustangs and the Fox variants were inexpensive for the police force.

    This particular police car was recently on the collector’s block with the V8 5.0L engine by Mustang and improved suspension adopted from the LTD LX.

    1962 Plymouth Belvedere

    The Plymout Belvedere above is also on sale online and once served as a service car of the state troopers. It has a generic look for a police cruiser without any identification marks to say what it state in the US it served.

    It goes as a black and white police car with excellent chrome highlights. The interior is in pristine condition plus the V8 is still original and V8 strong.

  • 13Feb

    We love showing our readers the best police cars we can find in different corners of the globe. But we love seeing them in action too.

    We compiled below some videos of the finest car chases we can find on the net and from news videos. Some cities actually do no allow police to chase these criminals speeding away from the scene since some have resulted to putting their citizens in more danger. But these chases still happen and these criminals learn, even the fastest of drivers are eventually cornered and put behind bars.

    Reminder. Do not try this at home (and on the road of course).

    Speeding Limo

    This first video documents the action that happened in a wealthier suburb of New York in the United States. This is an area where multi millionaires and billionaires live, and wouldn’t you be surprised when you hear of a police car chase involving a limo? See how the police tries to catch the luxury traffic violator:

    Fastest Minivan

    After the limo story, another crazy driver in a minivan decided to evade authorities triggering a high speed car chase. This happened in Miami and who would have thought that someone in a minivan, far from being fast and easily handled, will be an escape vehicle for someone. This did not last too long but the 30 minutes of high speed chase would have raised heart rates for sure. See how these chases are also so dangerous to unknowing motorists.

    Mustang Police car chase

    This can be one of the best car chase videos out there or one good commercial for the Ford Mustang. Or maybe both. Here the perpetrator was able to escape the immobilization technique used by the chasing police cars. It takes several attempts before the violator was finally apprehended.

  • 27Oct
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    nissan-gtr-policecarThe news items still cannot determine who will be issued the 2012 Nissan GTR. This car was setup by EVI Corporation who installs sirens and lights to a unmarked and unmarked cop cars. Click on the video below and you will agree that indeed it has been one of the projects of EVI:

    No, they did not confiscate the Nissan GT-R from a drug dealer or a gangster. The only thing they will say is that the car was brought to them with only 13 miles on its dial. The strobe lights are made of really sleek LEDs.

    We think we still have to dig up more if we really want to find out which law enforcement agency will be getting this mean police car.

    The agency though is not the fist one to use a Nissan GT-R for police work. The cops in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates tapped the brute force of the GT-R back in 2009 as one of their interceptor vehicles. The first responders during fires in the Nurburgring.

    Who knows where this Nissan GT-R will be going. If you are in Washington DC or Virginia, you might want to think twice, thrice before stepping on the pedal, or better yet do not speed up.

  • 22Aug

    When things get rough and the police needs to rough up or catch up with the bad guys, their police cars are among their best option. Or these best police cars can also make the bad guys think twice if they will do something or not.

    German armor tank

    You wouldn’t want to mess with this kind of police car, would you? Used by the Berlin police, this German armor tank is rolled out during riots and dangerous armed situations. Even the most hardcore weapons can’t penetrate this battering ram.

    BMW 530d

    For the occasional wild goose chase in London, they use the BMW 530d which is fairly your everyday kind of car. However, it is capable of going providing a quick response to the gun crimes in the city.

    Ford Ranger

    No sleet, rain, or snow can stop this 4×4 reliable car in providing quick help to stranded motorists.

    Land Rover Freelander

    This car is reliable on instances where flood is concerned. Provides quick response to stranded motorists in flood incidents.

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  • 28Jul
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    Electric cars (or EVs for short) have become rampant in the automobile world. Not only do they reduce the world’s fuel consumption, they’re all for the environment too. But we wonder, what if all police squad cars go electric. Can they wind stand the occasional wild goose chase? What if they run out of electric power juice? What now? Well, the occasional stopping for donuts and wild good chase in the big cities now sound like a bad idea but still, these electric vehicles would still look pretty good and downright practical in the suburbs.

    Anyway, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced to the press the latest additions to the New York City fleet of cars. As of yesterday, the Big Apple has an additional 10 units of pure electric utility trucks for Navistar “E-star” for all those hauling jobs, 10 units of pure electric cargo vans for the Ford Transit Connect, which is a relatively good compact van, and last but definitely not the least, about 50 units of Chevrolet Volt hatchbacks , some of which are intended to be used as police squad cars.

    The General Motors Inc.’s Chevrolet Volt first went on sale last December 2010 as a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. It has received the title of being the most fuel-efficient compact car in the United States. When running on its lithium-ion battery alone, the Volt covers 25-50 miles.

    These additional all-electric will join the existing 360 EVs already in the city as part of Bloomberg’s PlaNYC to help reduce the city’s CO2 emissions.

  • 02Feb

    If ever you have a heavy foot on the gas pedal, be careful when you are on the roads of West Midlands in the United Kingdom. Unless you are driving a supercar better than the 2011 Evora from Lotus, you cannot surely outrun the higway patrols. If you are on the daring side and opt for a chase, be ready to receive a traffic violation ticket plus multiple charges.

    Surely, the Lotus Evora police car will not stay long in your mirrors cause at 280 horsepower, it can easily outpace whatever you are driving. The supercool Lotus police vehicle was donated by the car manufacturer to the UK police force during the Autosport international auto show. The speed monster police cars will patrol the 450-mile stretch of highway in the West Midlands plus major thoroughfares like the M2, M5, and M6 motorways.

    When you look at the 2011 Evora police car, the looks have not been changed much except for the obvious police livery, lights, and badges. Lotus did not release details about the interiors of the police car but we are pretty sure it comes fully equipped with law enforcement must haves like radar guns, computer, holsters, and of course coffee cup holders.

    The Evora will be the fastest law enforcement car in the UK with its monstrous 280 horsepower coming from its V6 3.5L engine. It can blast from 0 to 60 in a matter of 5 seconds. It can hit a top speed of 168 mph. The Lotus Evora has a tag price of around $80,000.

  • 22Jun
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    The town of Herndon in Virginia gets from Volkswagen America two Passats to beef up the tools of the local authorities. The vehicles were turned over to the mayor of Herndon during a special ceremony held at the Depot Main Stage.

    It has been a tradition for carmakers to give to the local police vehicles which they can use where they have factories, and Volkswagen is one of those car manufacturers which follow this practice. Volkswagen moved from Michigan to Virginia and the police benefited with a Passat wagon and a modified sedan.

    The 2.0L TSI inline four was tweaked so it can live up to its role. Its output was raised from 200 horsepower to 250 hp and its torque from 207 pound-feet to 299 lb-ft.

    The police cars also get a the bigger brakes used for the V6 3.6L versions and also 18-inch rims hugged by performance tires from Pirelli.

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